Lamplighter is a business support company,

located in North Yorkshire.

About Lamplighter

Lamplighter offers business support services. We offer specialist advice on all aspects of managing your business. Whether you need help in generating new product ideas, resolving operational issues, or need to plan for you and your employees’ future, we can support you throughout.

We work with a range of clients from start-ups to well-established businesses. We work to improve your business with the ultimate aim of making, or saving, our clients money.

We offer expertise based on 25 years experience in a variety of large and small businesses in project, senior management and director-related roles within a host of different sectors – some corporate, some small businesses.


PortraitJean Talbot, Managing Director of Lamplighter Associates, is a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth

Jean herself has worked internationally in Belgium, Ireland and the UK. As a result, she has developed excellent management and interpersonal skills. Through her experience of managing businesses and departments more efficiently she combines strategy planning, performance measurement and process improvement techniques.

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