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Growth Accelerator

Lamplighter offers access to the Growth Accelerator service co-sponsored by the Government.

GrowthAccelerator exclusively targets businesses with high growth potential who want to enter their next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there. However, they need some help and guidance.

The service has been set up as a partnership between leading private sector business growth experts – Grant Thornton, Pera, Oxford Innovation and Winning Pitch – and is backed by the Government.

Over the next 3 years, GrowthAccelerator will deliver £3 billion additional economic growth and create 55,000 jobs. Now in it’s second year, it is supporting nearly 15,000 small and medium sized businesses across the UK.


How does GrowthAccelerator work?

Growth Accelerator will help you review your business’s current position and define a bespoke Growth Plan.  Your Growth Plan will be supported by coaching, workshops and masterclasses.

A GrowthAccelerator Coach will be assigned to your company and will work with you and your management team. With access to more than 2000 coaches nationwide, your business expert will have a proven track record in helping small and medium-sized companies accelerate and sustain their growth.


How can you be part of it?

To be eligible for GrowthAccelerator, you must:

•    Be determined to grow
•    Be registered in the UK and based in England
•    Have fewer than 250 employees
•    Have a turnover of less than £40 million

Jean Talbot is a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator.

Call now on 07795810639 to determine if you are eligible and if the Growth Accelerator service is suitable for your business.