Our values guide the decisions we make, the things we do and everyone we work with.

What We Stand For


Lamplighter has 3 principles that stand at the core of everything that we do – integrity; adaptability and commitment to you and your business. This applies to our associates and anyone that we use to deliver into your business.


1. Integrity

Work with us and judge our integrity for yourself.  We want you to do well and will do whatever it takes to enable your success.  We will assist you in any aspect of your business as long as it's clear that we are adding value to your company. However, if we believe that we are not, we will be honest with you. If it transpires that we are not the 'right fit', we will do all we can to find someone who is a better match for you.

2. Adaptability

Our company is small and lean. It means we’re flexible. We can give you our focussed attention. Individuals, regardless of seniority, have different styles and attitudes to handling change and transforming their business. If you require intense guidance and handholding, we are delighted to support you. If you prefer a lighter touch, our approach will be to adapt. We work around you to suit your needs.

3. Commitment to You

To ensure that a client is constantly applying new learning, the approach coaches often take is to offer advice and leave the client responsible for effecting improvements and change. Smaller businesses do not always have the luxury of resources and expertise available to them to do everything. Lamplighter is hands-on and committed to improving your business.  We will work, however long it takes and in whatever way it takes, for you and your business to succeed.